The Palm Canyon

The Palm Canyon projects sits at the Southern Gateway to the Downtown core. The site is located in the natural basin of the dramatic Taquitz Canyon Falls between S. Palm Canyon Drive, S. Indian Canyon Drive and Ramon Road. The mixed-use project will create an exciting blend of neighborhood and visitor serving restaurants and retail, and a specialty market with 2-4 story residential buildings above.

The Palm Canyon Information

The parking will be conveniently separated into two distinct zones for residential (250 subterranean parking spaces) and commercial (118 surface parking spaces), each with their own entry/exit. The residential component of the project will have its main address on Indian Canyon Drive with a street level lobby.

The retail base of the project will hold the street edges, and then will open up into an inviting pedestrian Plaza at the N-E corner of S. Palm Canyon Drive and Ramon Road, marking the southern gateway to the Downtown core. The project will contain approximately 40,000 square feet of commercial space (including restaurants, a specialty market and boutique retail stores) oriented toward the pedestrian traffic along the vibrant S. Palm Canyon Drive. The residential lobby, parking entries and neighborhood serving restaurant will face Indian Canyon Drive. The restaurant, specialty market and retail anchor will help activate Ramon Road.

Above the retail, the residential buildings, containing 125 condominium units and penthouses, will terrace back into a series of striated layers inspired by the natural beauty, color and formations found in the adjacent San Jacinto Mountains. The project will contain several richly landscaped residential courtyards and private entry gardens for each unit. Special aspects of the project include the rooftop gardens, multiple long views through the project, mountain observation decks, pools, spas, a pool clubhouse and a residents’ activity center.

The design of the project is founded on the desire to give the condominiums an indoor/outdoor experience by providing each unit with a private entry garden off of the courtyard, and separately, a private outdoor live-space that flows seamlessly with the interior of each residence. These outdoor living spaces are oriented towards the dramatic mountain views and over the abundantly landscaped courtyards. The project will enjoy spectacular, unobstructed views of the mountains to the west and south. Sun angles will be controlled with deep recesses in the walls and large overhangs will be provided for environmental control.


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